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NETWORK Management (1)

 Consulting and Design with OPENNMS & Nagios Network Management 


Nagios. A pure open source project. Can be downloaded separately or found in Linux distributions from Debian, Fedora, Suse Linux and OpenBSD Unix, as well as Groundwork Monitor (see below). Corbo says it’s targeted at network engineers, requiring some technical expertise before being deployed system. Still, it has an extensive library of monitor plug-ins.

OpenNMS ( Free. Like Nagios, according to Corbo, it needs some work before being integrated into your environment. Support and consulting services can be bought through the North Carolina-based OpenNMS Group . Tarus Balog, that company’s CEO, said the agentless OpenNMS can monitor “hundreds of thousands of devices.” It ships with some 40 monitors and includes escalation alerts and data collection. The goal of Open NMS 1.2 is to compete against HP Network Node Manager, he said, while the upcoming version 1.5 aims to compete against IBM’s NetCool.

  We provide engineering consulting service for Nagios and OpenNMS.



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 3.0 Network Management- Georgia Tech


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