Job Hunting for Recruiters

Job Hunting for Recruiters


admin - Posted on 29 March 2009

People in Silicon Valley are loosing jobs and recuiters are handing out resumes.

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Embedded processor market to resist financial crisis, say VDC


admin - Posted on 05 March 2009

Embedded processor market to resist financial crisis, say VDC - More than 10 billion embedded processors, including CPUs, DSPs, FPGAs, and MCUs, shipped in 2008, and should reach 10.76 billion units in 2009 according to VDC Research Group Inc. (Natick, Mass.). The market research paints a relatively bright picture for the market in terms of volumes.


Nokia Siemens lands billion dollar order from China


admin - Posted on 25 February 2009

Nokia Siemens lands billion dollar order from China - Telecom equipment vendor Nokia Siemens Networks says it has booked orders from China Mobile and China Unicom for 2G and 3G mobile equipments and services valued at €880 million (about $1.12 billion).


Marketing Sales and Website Development


admin - Posted on 30 December 2008

These are the books that are commly related to marketing and sales and web authoring

1.0 Positioning- Al Reis
2.0 Google Adwords
3.0 Letting go words
4.0 Copywriting- Bly
5.0 Landing Page Optimization
6.0 Information architecture
7.0 Usability-
8.0 The Pyramid Principle
9.0 Line By Line Proof Reading
10.0 The Hand book of Public Relation
11.0 Enrtreprenurial Marketing
12.0 Gureilla Marketing
13.0 Guerilla Public Rellations
14.0 Innovation nation
15.0 Accidental Branding

More on this later.

Join us in Linkedin

Join us in Linkedin


admin - Posted on 11 January 2009

Please join us in Software Engineeing Group in Linkedin

Leadership and Technology- Audacity of Hope


admin - Posted on 04 January 2009

If you are involved in any part of Technology- it is must see

American Entrepreneurship and Innovative Spirit will Over Come Economic Hardship


admin - Posted on 21 December 2008

American Entrepreneurship and innovative spirit will over come Economic Hardship
American Entrepreneurship and innovative spirit will lift USA from economic slowdown and will win terrorist wars of Iraq and Pakistan.
I have worked all over the world and I am impressed by the work ethics of North American people-honest, hard working and polite.

My personal message to all- keep innovating, keep up hard working, do take risks.
Create opportunities, do not wait for opportunities to come to you.

Marry Xams and Happy New Year.



Technological Leadership and Mass Education- Germany- India- USA


admin - Posted on 16 December 2008

It is my belief that if India is to make tremendous prograss in every sector of economy then it must embrace German style education system with industry based apprentiship in high school and research/Industry based education in university/engineering. Indian tradesmen has to be educated like German trades people do. The higher Education should have link to industry. Also note Germany differenciates between development and research. India needs to do that.
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Also India should emulate the best aspect of USA Education as it is rendered by Private University/Industry partnership.

Critical Thinking in this Time of Change


admin - Posted on 08 December 2008

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