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IOT Solutions and Service

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1.0  Introduction to IOT Packtpub

2.0 Embedded Systems - Cyber Physical  Approach- MIT Press

3.0 IoT and Edge Computing for Architects - Second Edition- ISBN 9781839214806

DYI Oxygen Kit for India

Please help if you can. This kit is being designed and put together by myself. The goal is to allow anyone who is ill with Covid to be able to have Oxygen at home. The kit will create O2 from H2O through an electrolysis method. The goal is to have anyone across the world who can't access Oxygen because of severe shortages such as India and Nepal. It won't be the highest concentration of O2 such as pure O2 in compressed cylinders; but this will produce enough to support an ill person who needs a modest supplement for a number of days The machine will have 15L /Min capacity, sufficient for ICU oxygen requirement at home. In a developing country all that will be needed is this kit, some water and an electrical source (for electrolysis). Thank you very much for your consideration of this project

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1.0 Go fund Me-

2.0 Handbook of Industrial Chemistry and Biotechnology-   Springer Kent & Tilak Et. al.

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