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Writing Web Content

Writing Web Content


admin - Posted on 10 February 2010

Since a large number of E-commerce and Static website requires good amount of English Composition- The process can be frustrating since the objective of writing has no fixed goal.

Are we writing to create an online marketing campaign? Are we trying to communicate?
What is our goal and strategy? Are we creating a Public Relations material that is supposed to create a buzz like strong German Schnapps or the public relations will be low key like warm Glue-Wine of Scandinavian Christmas.
Are we just trying to create some ineffective web pages with a lot of CSS so that we can demonstrate our technical savvy?

In a more technical sense, Are we substantiating an argument? Using persuasion and compare and contrast to establish a point. Are we just trying to educate some factual information? Who is our target audience? Why such person be interested in our website?
Does the end user needs to be entertained? excited? provoked? educated?

Some how the short answer seems to all the above- and that makes it difficult.

I have found a solution. A new book on web content design seems to be immensely practical and useful. I am reading it , right now-Killer Web Content- Garry McGovern . I highly suggest this book to any one involved in web design and content creation. Also try the letting go words[4]. I use letting go words of Redish in all my website works.


0.0 Communicating Design-
3.0 Information Architecture- ISBN 0-596-52734-
4.0 Letting go words- ISBN- 0123694868
5.0 Ginny Redish-
6.0 Slide Presentation- In Power Point as attachment

Business Strategy and Execution



Business Strategy and Execution is very important for all forms of business. However getting information to create strategy is not very easy. I am working on a systematic methods to gather strategic information for analyzing Software and IT Business.
If you have any suggestion , please let us know.

3.0 Socratic Methods
4.0 Business Strategy
5.0 Porter
6.0 Whorton
7.0 Soctratic Methods
8.0 Socratic and Aristotal
9.0 Ram Charan- execution

E-commerce and Supply Chain Management


admin - Posted on 25 March 2010

I am conducting a research of Supply Chain Management and popular e-commerce integration. More on this topic will come here.

Business Resources Marketing -101


admin - Posted on 03 April 2009

Here are some of the resources that I have found useful.
1.0 All Business
2.0 Knowledge at Whorton
3.0 Red Herring

The patent process can be painful, but is necessary


admin - Posted on 27 March 2010

The patent process can be painful, but is necessary - Patents provide you with the protection you need, but hopefully not at a prohibitive price.


Venture Capital and IPO

Venture Capital and IPO


admin - Posted on 24 June 2009

Want to start a new venture but do not know where to start. The follwoing may help
1.0 Desh Deshpanday Center- MIT
2.0 Pehub website
3.0 Redherring BLOGS
4.0 Whorton Idea Lab
5.0 allbusiness website
6.0 Fast Company
7.0 Wall street Journal
8.0 Spegel Germany
More to come

Information for Immigration to Canada


admin - Posted on 03 June 2009

You may find the Following blogs and Information useful.
1. Canada Immigration Information.
2.0 USA/Canadian Native Indians

Developing Leadership- Required Reading


admin - Posted on 27 May 2009

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