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Software Frameworks (3)

Databbase Replication, Load Balancing and Migration


admin - Posted on 01 September 2010

In this report, I am looking at all the information related to the above topic. I am starting with Thoma Oszu's Textbook that I used during my PHD studies. More on the current state of the art including hardware architecture will be reported here.

DNN Version 4.0 Installation and Related Resources


admin - Posted on 19 July 2009

In this article I will gather information rtelated to DNN and various issues and problems.

1.0 How do I uninstall old DNN Kit from the Vs 2005.
Here is some inofrmation that may be useful. For me It is not working.
2.0 Stored Procedure Tutorial
3.0 Stabase and Transaction Processing- ISBN 0-321-18557-9
4.0 Apress Books-
5.0 Professional DNN 4.0
6.0 Creating a DNN Modules
7.0 Seting Up an Development Environment.

ASP.NET DNN Framework

ASP.NET DNN Framework


admin - Posted on 25 September 2008

We have started working on the DNN Frameork. However, I find the information sketchy. Also I have not come across any UML architecture of the Framework. This Makes learning the Framework very difficult.

I just Receved a book about DNN- Professional DNN -4- ISBN0-471-78816. Hope this book will be able to ease the learing curve.

Also I have discovered some videos of the DNN at the DNN websites. The central question I think Joomla/drupal are way better than DNN so far CMS is concerned. I have to explore this further.

Renewable Energy and Microgrid Solutions

Renewable Energy and Micro-grid  solutions is part of a  Smart grid Technology.  System Level Simulation and Analysis services are provided in all aspects of smart grid Technology.

System Architecture and operational analysis of the grid and microgeneration is analyzed in details in such studies.

Reactive Power Compensation

 Reactive Power compensation in Indian Transmission and Distribution  Grid.  A position paper about problems, methods and solutions. This paper also states our approach and solutions methods.

V VARW Concept

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