Enterprise Development with Visual Studio .NET, UML, and MSF 

UML Distilled: A Brief Guide to the Standard Object Modeling Language (3rd Edition)

Object Oriented Software Engineering: A Use Case Driven Approach

Java for Programmers (Deitel Developer) 

Database Systems: The Complete Book

Database Systems: The Complete Book

Impedance Mismatch

Impedance Mismatch


I have observed that a large number of fresh Canadian Graduates have difficulty in adopting the Software Engineering Basics. In particular they have the peoblem in the following ares.

1.0 UML Modeling
2.0 Usage of any Class Librray
3.0 Design Patterns
4.0 Testing Methodology
5.0 System Integration
6.0 Release Control
7.0 Effective Communication.

Im gathering Information as to what can be done about this gap in theory and practice.
The gap I call Impedence mismatch. More on this later.

UML Framework Repository

UML Framework Repository


I am looking at ways to make UML-2.0 Based repository to work to be effective in Our work.

I also in the process of gathering success stories of the groups that have used pattern frameworks.

Agile Modeling and Business Modeling

Agile Modeling and Business Modeling


I just Picked up the following Books for the Project:
1.0 Agile Modeling - Scott Ambler
2.0 Agile database Tehniques - Scott Ambler.
3.0 Business Modeling with UML- Hans-Errikson et al.

I will discuss at leagth the Merits and summary of Each methods.

Debugging Complex CSS Scripts

Debugging Complex CSS Scripts


admin - Posted on 05 October 2008

I have to debug large chuncks of CSS for the Drupal and Jommla Templates and it is always a challenging task.
Fortunately I found the Firefox Web development tools and made the work manageable.

I highly recommend these tool sets.

This one suggested by Dirk

This is My Favourite

Jommla CSS Debugging Tips

Here is some information about the quirk modes-IE7/FF-3.07.

Beyond Software Architecture

Beyond Software Architecture


I just finished reading this book, in the holidays. Informatiove is the word. I recommend any one starting SOHO software business to read this book. Also Note There is anew web site for the Book annd Luke. The bottom line is you can not remove the human and marketing aspect from software development. It is an excellent book- worth reading especially by person who is not exposed to marketing of software. Get work Luke. 

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Renewable Energy and Microgrid Solutions

Renewable Energy and Micro-grid  solutions is part of a  Smart grid Technology.  System Level Simulation and Analysis services are provided in all aspects of smart grid Technology.

System Architecture and operational analysis of the grid and microgeneration is analyzed in details in such studies.

Reactive Power Compensation

 Reactive Power compensation in Indian Transmission and Distribution  Grid.  A position paper about problems, methods and solutions. This paper also states our approach and solutions methods.

V VARW Concept

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