Centos 7 Development Server- Technical Journey


 Date 30/9/2016

So I need a development server that has Modern PHP and Tomcat 8. I need a server.

1.0  Make coffee and bolt down some parts- Hardware.

 Change Battry of Flashlight , AMD 8 Core Cpu and 8 GB Memory in box Connect to Network. MB is Asus and it is good.

It has to supply 125W RMs Power to cpu core alone. I think I have 650W Antec Power supply.

I have even considered 4 CPU based main board- but why? I like Asus main board- Forget the model number of Asus board.


 Create the USB Boot stick

 Since I have so many USb stick- I do not know what is where. So start with a Free 4 GB USB stick. I got that at Starbucks for some thing, I think.

I like the rufus USB stick maker  and Boris does too. We creat the minimal image and burn it. Guss what,  the ASUS MB boots from that USB. so we install the 

minimul ISo Image. I cosidered the Image to be Kosher- no MD5 check.


Installing Stuff while  Sleeping

So I open the Port 22 to access it from home so that I can install software while sleeping.

Works. Some idiot from Flortane Italy trying to break into system- great- get a life. Italian ISP do not care.


 Potate Salad, Yum ad all that Jazz


 So i create my special Potate Salad after giving the command yum -y update from my kitchen laptop.

 4 Potatto cocked 8 min on Microwave, lemon juice, Olive Oil, Red chillie, Onion and some butter.

mixed together. I think potate saled make Centos install better. I tatte it with some fresh steamed rice.


 Date 3/10/2016

 I need LAMP, what Do I do

1. SSH to Box

2.0 YUM  install HHTPD

3.0 Yum Install maridDB

4.0 I need a good coffee.

I am not sure if LAMP has group install








1.0 Centos 7 Cookbook Packet Pub. 2nd edition






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