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Hardware Software Codesign Research and References


admin - Posted on 04 November 2009

Date 09/2/2010: Time 13.00 HRS CDT

Lab Work:

1.0 I am working on UML modeling of Multiprocessor systems
Ref: UML for Soc Design Grant Martin- ISBN 0387257446
2.0 Exploring QEMU for suitability of co-design Environment.

What I am Reading:
0.0 Greensocs- getting started

1.0 Embedded Software Development of
Transaction level modeling with Systemc- ISBN-0387262326
2.0 Integrated System-Level Modeling of Network-on-Chip enabled Multi-Processor Platforms- ISBN- 1402048254
3.0 Hardware-dependent Software: Principles and Practice- ISBN 1402094353

What I am watching

I am building a list of Hardware Software Codesign Bibliography up-to-date to 2009. This also reflects the materials that I have absorbed and digested in my academic journey.

1.0 The University Research Groups
University of Tubrigan
2.0 UCLA Berkley
3.0 Books
System Design with systemC- Grotker.
4.0 Transaction Level Modeling with systemC- Genassia et. al.
Conference papers
5.0 ESL Design and Verification

Journal Papers
1.0 UML Base Multiprocessor Soc Plaforms - Nokia Research- Acm Transaction Paper 2006

Academic Tools
Denmark Getting Started Paper Attached as PDF
Industrial Tools
Important Methodologies
1.0 VHDL
2.0 Verilog
3.0 SystemC

Draft Papers:
1.0 Overview of Codesign- ESL,UML, SystemC,TLM,RTOS,SOC
2.0 Application of Linux Virual Machine( KVM,QEMU, OVP) as Co-Design Platforms

Attachment Size
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Software /Computer Engineering and Socratic Methods


admin - Posted on 04 December 2008

So far I have gone through a xillion of meetings are frankly I belive 70% were waste of time. However, One interesting fact is that by applying Socratic method of question and answer we could have accomplished much better in these meetings. Here is some intro into Socratic method and analysis that will be helpful in Meetings. No one ever mentioned this to me. I found the reference in some harverd Communication reviews. Any other ideas into productive meetings will be haelpful.

The Cucumber for Java Book: Behaviour-Driven Development for Testers and Developers


BDD in Action: Behavior-driven development for the whole software lifecycle

Hello, Android: Introducing Google's Mobile Development Platform 4th Edition


The Cucumber for Java Book: Behaviour-Driven Development for Testers and Developers

Critical Thinking: Tools for Taking Charge of Your Professional and Personal Life (2nd Edition)

Apache Kafka Series - Kafka Monitoring and Operations

MQTT Essentials - A Lightweight IoT Protocol

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