Network Management and Development

Network Management and Development


admin - Posted on 05 May 2012

In this blog we list the research and development effort related to Network Management in the Hosted environment. As always this blog is never complete.

What I am Reading
I am reading Open NMS documentation and Case studies. I am trying to understand how Nagios and or OpenNMS could be used with Openstack cloud computing.
I also plan to explore the RRDtool and the cosmetic flufs.

What I am writing
Creating UML diagram of the Code. Creating user documentation and installing guide. I have to create deployment guide for MCSE types. Need to work on a Power Point type Presentation- Necessary BS.

Lab Works
0.0 Installed NSCA. Every thing works ok, while testing NSCA_send client gave a message that limbcrypt was not available.
It took me one day(12+ Hours) to figure out and rectify the situation, The solutions is with rpmforge of Centos.

1.0 Installed Nagios on Centos 6.2 X64 Virtual Server
2.0 Issues with Nat Firewall Needs to Tested and Understood.
3.0 Installed Wireshark and Netstat on Machines
4.0 LOaded SVN server with Nagios and OPENNMS for customization.

1.0 Nagios-
2.0 OpenNS-
3.0 Nagois: Network and System Monitoring- Wolfgang Barth- ISBN 159327179
4.0 RPM Forge for Libmcrypt-
5.0 Network Management of Keendirect-

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