Software Engineering

  • Introducing IASR

    Welcome to IASR- an Engineering and Innovation Company

    IASR is involved in Engineering Design and Innovation. We provide consulting and design services in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science Domains. Our service and solutions are rendered in various industry sectors like Smart Grid, Electronic System Design, Hardware Software Co-design, Software Engineering, Telecommunication and Networking, Embedded Systems to name a few. Our associates and professionals have typically earned a PHD with about 30 years of industrial, academic and commercial experience spanning three continents, India, North America and Europe.


    We comply with major industrial standards and provide service in English and German. We adhere to Lean Six Sigma for continuous improvement of our engagement, delivery and execution model. We also embrace principles of Learning organization for continuous improvement of technical expertise. IASR and its associates have earned PHD in Engineering and Computer Sconce with decades of experience in North America, Europe and Asia- both in academic and industrial sector. We are available for small projects to large assignments. Initial communication is free and confidential. HR and placement personal inquiries are most welcome


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